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Get Back | Tomorrow Never Knows

I Feel Humbled

The girls' families, Amish neighbors and friends are coping with the slayings by looking inward, relying on themselves and their faith, just as they have for centuries, to get them through what one Amish bishop called "our 9/11."

"They know their children are going to heaven. They know their children are innocent ... and they know that they will join them in death," said Gertrude Huntington, a Michigan researcher who has written a book about children in Amish society.

"The hurt is very great," Huntington said. "But they don't balance the hurt with hate."

Dwight Lefever, a Roberts family spokesman, said an Amish neighbor had comforted Marie Roberts and her three children hours after the shooting and extended forgiveness.

Roberts' relatives may even receive money from a fund established to help victims and their families, said Kevin King, executive director of Mennonite Disaster services, an agency managing the donations.

These people are braver, stronger, and more fundamentally decent than I could ever hope to be. God bless them.